Bugfixes and the new :contains pseudo-class

4 years ago

This minor release fixes a few medium severity bugs and introduces the new :contains pseudo-class, which can be used in any element selector.

  • Enhancement: We added support for the custom :contains pseudo-class. It can be used in any element selector and it allows to select and element only if it contains the matched text. For example a:contains("Go") will match the element <a>Go Here</a>.
  • Fix: If there are no test runs in a test suite, then the current and run history tabs must be hidden.
  • Fix: Test suite session status not updating in real-time in test suite session view.
  • Fix: Individual test sessions disappear after running a test suite session
  • Fix: Failed test suites alwasy show 0 failed tests in dashboard
  • Fix: Selector picker not appearing in Live Editor