Ability to execute custom JavaScript

Enhancement5 months ago

This new release introduces the ability to execute custom JavaScript code in the test browser.

Running custom JavaScript
Running custom JavaScript

This release also updates the default Chrome test browser to version 83.

Assign variable from element and more

EnhancementFix9 months ago

This new release introduces the ability to set a variable from an element’s text, value or attribute.

Assigning a variable from an element's text
Assigning a variable from an element's text

This release also includes the following fixes:

  • Fix: Cannot scroll special key selection dropdown in “Send keys” instruction.

Bugfixes and the new :contains pseudo-class

EnhancementFix9 months ago

This minor release fixes a few medium severity bugs and introduces the new :contains pseudo-class, which can be used in any element selector.

  • Enhancement: We added support for the custom :contains pseudo-class. It can be used in any element selector and it allows to select and element only if it contains the matched text. For example a:contains("Go") will match the element <a>Go Here</a>.
  • Fix: If there are no test runs in a test suite, then the current and run history tabs must be hidden.
  • Fix: Test suite session status not updating in real-time in test suite session view.
  • Fix: Individual test sessions disappear after running a test suite session
  • Fix: Failed test suites alwasy show 0 failed tests in dashboard
  • Fix: Selector picker not appearing in Live Editor

A new dashboard

Major Release10 months ago

This major release brings tons of nice changes to the suites dashboard and adds a few new features.

The new dashboard
The new dashboard

  • We added new performance indicators to the dashboard, such as the test success rate over 24 hours and 7 days, and the average test running time.
  • Each bar on the test suite execution chart on the dashboard will now vary its height based on the test execution time.
  • We introduced the ability to remove a test suite. Just go to the test suite’s settings and scroll to the bottom to access the “Danger Zone”.
  • Each step in the Live Editor is now edited in place.
  • We introduced various navigation and layout changes which should improve the general User Experience of the product.
  • Updated Chrome to version 79.

Pass variables to smart hooks

Enhancementa year ago

You can now pass variables to a test suite when invoking a smart trigger which override and complement any existing test suite variables. More details on the docs.

Smart triggers and Netlify integration

New featurea year ago

We introduced an enhanced version of our “incoming webhooks” which we called smart triggers. They will enable some interesting possibilities, such as a deeper integration with third party products. Read more on the launch blog post.

Official Github Integration

New featurea year ago

We implemented our official integration with Github. It allows to show the results of a test beside each commit and it will also automatically run the test suite at each deploy. Read more on the dedicated blog post.