Frontend Robot is being acquired

Mario Casciaro@mariocasciaro
September 23, 2021

An exciting future for Frontend Robot

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Frontend Robot is the all-in-one cloud platform to create, edit, run and manage end-to-end tests for websites and web applications. Testing with Frontend Robot is a simple and rewarding experience.

Today I’m excited to share that Frontend Robot is being acquired by Mageguide. For Frontend Robot this means new lifeblood and exciting new plans. This is not the type of acquisition in which the service is shutdown and torn into pieces, there won’t be any interruption of the service, on the contrary you can expect considerable improvements in the following months and years.

It’s now almost 3 years since I founded Frontend Robot with the aim to create the simplest (and yet powerful) website testing tool out there. Looking back I can’t help being amazed by what we’ve been able to achieve in so little time. Creating a complex product from scratch is already challenging by itself, but bringing it to production and marketing it in a highly competitive niche is a seriously hard feat. Nonetheless, Frontend Robot is now a mature, featureful product with a recognized brand and loyal customers.

But the time has now come for Frontend Robot to shift gear and accelerate its growth. I believe that Mageguide is the perfect match to make this happen. In fact, while discussing with the team at Mageguide, it was clear that we share the same long-term vision for Frontend Robot and the same intention to make it the simplest tool for testing websites from the cloud. Mageguide will bring more resources and invaluable experience to Frontend Robot. This will translate into a better product, an improved communication with customers and prospects, and overall a better experience for the users.

As for myself, I’ll be stepping down from the one-man-does-it-all role, but I’ll be supporting Mageguide in the transition period and later as an external advisor. I probably won’t be writing on this blog anymore, but you can follow me on Twitter if you want to read more from me.

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