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Check, test, monitor, verify, automate. With Frontend Robot you can relax and ship with confidence.

User Flow Monitoring

Run a few meaningful tests at very short intervals to verify that the major user flows of your website work as they should.

Smoke Testing

Run a "wide-and-shallow" set of tests at every commit or at every release to ensure that the most important parts of your application work without problems.

Regression Testing

Run a comprehensive set of tests before every release to make sure that any existing functionality was not negatively affected by the new changes.

Just test. We got the rest covered.

Frontend Robot makes your testing experience fun and productive.

Live Editor

Our Live Editor has the simplicity of a test recorder but it gives you all the power and control you need.

Smart CSS selectors

We generate for you the CSS selectors you need and with a hint of AI we make them more robust.

Cross-browser testing
(coming soon)

Check if your product can run with the same quality on multiple browsers and devices.

CI/CD Integration

Run your tests as part of your deployment workflow.

Monitoring mode

Schedule your tests to run at specific intervals to monitor the status of your product over time.

Reusable test steps

Get productive and save time by sharing frequently used steps across multiple tests.


Get all the flexibility you need by having variables replaced in your tests at run-time.

Support for multiple environments

Run the same test suite on your staging server or your production server without modifying your tests.


We'll let you know whe your tests fail so you can act quickly and keep your business running as usual.

Codeless test editing without compromises

Frontend Robot's Live Editor offers the simplicity of a test recorder and the control of raw code.
No browser plugins to install.

Smart integrations

Run your tests automatically at each deployment or attach the test results to your commits. It's all just a few clicks away.
Github integration

Works with your favourite tool

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